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Birth Doula Fees

$600 (price varies depending on doula services and packages)


Consultation Visit

This visit is a free, no-obligation visit for anyone curious about our services. This visit is an opportunity to learn more about our service and get to know the doula. If you simply don’t feel well-matched with the doula, you are welcome to meet someone else. Our priority is for you to feel great about your doula.

Prenatal Visits

Your doula will meet with you one to three times before the birth. This allows opportunity to discuss your birth wishes and ask questions.

During these visits we will cover:
- Support for your birth desires
- Up-to-date, evidence-based information
- Discuss routine procedure and alternatives
- Discuss pain management and non-pharmacological techniques
- Help in writing a birth plan


Available by phone, email, or in person. On call 24-7 two weeks before estimated due date (EDD) up until your labour begins. Postpartum visit(s) with phone/email support, up to one month after your baby’s birth.


We provide continuous support through your labour and birth, no matter what length it is. We also support your birthing partners. Once your baby has arrived, we provide breastfeeding support immediately after the birth.

Postpartum Support

Generally, your doula will visit you on the day after the birth as well as once more within the next four weeks. Special circumstances such as a difficult birth experience or breastfeeding challenges may require additional visits, which your doula will happily provide.

Individualized Care

This means that although the following is a description of our typical service, if you need additional or alternative care, we will happily do our best to meet your needs.

Breastfeeding Support

We are available to offer support and answer questions at any time.

Back-up Doulas

Sometimes babies come early, and unforeseen circumstances can arise for your doula (family emergencies, illness, etc.), so a back-up doula is always available to attend all or part of your birth, as needed. Your doula will provide you with the phone numbers of the other doulas. If you would like to meet them, please mention this to your doula.