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angeline hoeppner doula

Angeline Hoeppner


Angeline has been supporting women and their families as a doula since 2006 when she trained with DONA, and is now a Certified Doula through Childbirth International since early 2011. Angeline strives to nurture pregnant women through their labour and birth journey with an aim of helping them and their families feel satisfied and empowered with their experience. Her desire is for all women to make decisions with confidence by being informed of what choices they have surrounding their labour and birth. She believes that birth can be an exciting and memorable family experience. Angeline has worked at the local Pregnancy Care Centre working closely with women and families who find themselves in a pregnancy crisis, as well as providing private prenatal education, and labour support. Angeline lives in the country on a growing farm with her hard working husband, three creative and ambitious sons, and one spunky, joyful daughter. She enjoys spending time with them while raising animals (for pets and food), gardening, camping, canoeing, homeschooling, and x-country skiing.


Kaylee Mae Meakin


Kaylee is a Registered Massage Therapist who loves working with mommas-to-be. She completed her massage therapy training in January 2009. Soon after, working with many pregnant women, she fell in love with pregnancy, birth and massage. In April 2010, she became a R.M.T Labour Support Provider(Doula) Kaylee was able to combine both her passions and strengths. In 2017 Kaylee completed her Spinning Babies certification- encouraging optimal fetal positioning by using massage, stretches and special postions and techniques to encourage a smooth delivery. Kaylee also has training in visceral manipulation. Working with women’s health conditions; endometriosis, pelvic pain, unexplained low back pain, sleep issues, infertility, pelvic floor release, pre/post pregnancies imbalances as well as scar tissue release from any abdominal surgeries(cesareans) 

Whether it be at the hospital or at home, Kaylee believe's every birth is unique and beautiful. Her goal is to give women confidence in trusting and believing in their bodies so that their birth can be a positive, empowering experience. 

Kaylee lives in Morden with her husband Bobby and her two sons Eli and Grady. Kaylee loves spending time with family and friends, going camping, gardening, yoga, taking long baths and going to concerts with her husband. 

Kaylee feels so increbibly blessed with her family, friends and how her journey has lead her to such a wonderful job that she is drawn to and loves.

babby penner doula

Babby Penner

Serving Winkler, Morden, Altona, Carman & surrounding areas

Babby Penner believes every woman deserves a doula during pregnancy, labour and the postpartum period and is dedicated to help her clients have an empowering, positive birth experience regardless of what is in their birth plan. She recognizes that pregnancy, childbirth, or bringing an adopted baby home are life transforming events that involve physical, emotional and social changes and challenges. Coping and adjusting to the changes and increased demands of caring for a newborn is no easy task. It requires patience, endurance but most importantly it requires love, care and support. From labour and breastfeeding support to an extra set of helping hands, a listening ear and a source of resources, Babby can provide invaluable physical, educational and emotional support to both the new mom and her family as they welcome a new baby home. Babby started her doula work in 2015. She is a trained Birth Doula and certified Postpartum Doula through DONA International. Babby lives in Morden with her husband and with her three children. She looks forward meeting new people and being a calming, supportive presence during labour, breastfeeding and an extra set of helping hands as new baby is welcome home.


Karissa Hiebert

serving winkler, morden, altona, rosenort, morris, winnipeg & surrounding areas

Karissa has been a certified doula with Childbirth International since 2012. She has supported dozens of women in their births and enjoys seeing the uniqueness of each one unfold. Karissa values her clients and their birth preferences and does whatever she can to help them find the information they need to make their own decisions. She loves to answer questions and see women become more knowledgeable about pregnancy and birth, and she especially loves to support women in having satisfactory birth experiences, even if those differ from their expectations. Karissa lives near the small town of Lowe Farm and enjoys reading, researching, writing, teaching music, private tutoring, and spending time with family & friends.

holly klassen doula

Holly Klassen


Holly is a Registered Massage Therapist who has a heart towards young families. She completed her massage training in January 2007 and has been working in the Winkler/Morden area since graduating. While Holly was pregnant with her first baby in 2010, she completed the RMT Labour Support Provider (doula) course. Her initial reason for this study was her interest in her own upcoming birth experience, little did she know this would lead her to support many families through their birthing journey. Not long after the birth of her second child in 2013, she knew that she wanted to follow the doula career path. She also has a passion for documenting birth. She studied birth photography under Morag Hastings of Apple Blossom Families in 2016. She has supported and or documented many families in the Pembina Valley during their birthing journey.

Wherever and however you choose to birth, Holly believes every family deserves support, choice and care. Her main philosophy as a doula, is to teach women and families to be educated and confidant so that they can follow their intuition, that small voice inside, that leads them into what is right for their family. 

Holly lives in Morden with her husband Matt and her son Presley and daughter Lennon. Holly enjoys time with her friends and family, and thrives on community. She also likes camping, yoga, napping and alone time. She feels so incredibly blessed to be able to work in a setting that fills her and helps others at the same time.

clorissa penner doula

Clorissa Penner

serving Manitou, morden, winkler, altona & carman

Clorissa Penner is a doula, and completed her course through DONA doula in November of 2016. Her passion in helping other women had started when having her own first child in 2014 when a family member reached out, whom is also a doula! Helping her open her own world of what all a women CAN do for herself and her baby - has since grown passionate in helping others to see what all is available to them and bring awareness. To help women feel empowered and safe in their choices in what is one of the most memorable moments in their lives!

Clorissa lives in Morden, with her Husband Alejandro, 4 year old daughter Blake and newest member, baby girl Renn. Likes to spend free time being creative with art, painting and doing crafts!

Now as baby is getting older, Clorissa is now taking on clients again after being on mat leave. Clorissa will be accepting clients starting in August.

krystal le moulec doula

Le Moullec

serving carman, manitou, morden, winkler, holland, portage, winnipeg, and surrounding areas

Krystal became interested in a career of supporting mothers and their babies in 2010.  She has more recently completed doula training through MACFE (2014) and DONA International (2017) and is a certified birth doula (DONA).  She views birth as a miraculous event that remains memorable for a lifetime.  With valuable and accurate information along with proper guidance and support, each birth experience has the potential to be as natural and precious as the body is designed to be.  She does her best to ensure that women understand their options during labour including both the risks and benefits associated with these choices whether in a hospital, birth center or at home.  She sees that certain breathing and positioning techniques while maintaining a calm environment for the expecting mother and the family play a valuable role in preparing both mom and baby to endure the labour process.  She continues to work at becoming a better doula through client feedback and further education and training.  Krystal resides on a small acreage outside Carman with her husband Serge and 2 daughters, Maëlle and Abigail.  She enjoys spending time with them while being outdoors and traveling.  Some of her other passions include running and taking on organizational projects.